Nothing Better

There’s been a lot made about how much better the at home experience of watching sports has gotten. With almost every game available every night of the week and the advent of social media, there is little reason for hardcore sports fans to leave their couches.

Fans can monitor their fantasy leagues, keep track of all the other games going on they’re not watching, it’s the perfect set up. A lot of people would argue that sitting at home now is more enjoyable than driving to the arena/stadium and cheering on their favorite teams live. But there is nothing better than going to the game.

There isn’t anything better than sitting in an arena and watching a college basketball game as the pep band plays in the back ground and the smell of popcorn and hot dogs tickles your taste buds. There isn’t anything better than hearing the roar of a crowd when the home team scores a touchdown or knocks the ball out of the park, or the intense boo’s that ensue when the rival team runs out of the tunnel.

But unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love sitting in front of a television with my laptop with another game on and my phone supplying all the updates I can handle, but there’s nothing better than being there.

The other factor, and probably the biggest is the price. The average NFL ticket last season cost just about $85. For a lot of people and families, that isn’t something that can be done. I almost seems that some professional leagues have made it impossible for true fans to be true fans anymore. But there are always college sports, high school sports and even minor league events that don’t cost much.

As a kid, the best times I can remember were spent at sporting arenas. Either with my grandma at the University of Utah for every sport they offered, or with my mom or dad watching the Utah Jazz, these are all times that I will never forget. They were some of the best nights of my life, and I couldn’t imagine going through my life without being able to spend that time with my family. And I can’t stand the thought that some kids will not have these types of experiences because their parents think the at home experience is that much better.

I’m also a huge believer that you don’t fully understand a player, team or even game before you see it live. I didn’t start understanding football defenses until I sat in the stands and was able to watch them from a different vantage point. I didn’t understand how truly fast and accurate Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota was until I saw him play live a few weeks ago. And in all honestly, I don’t much enjoy watching major league baseball during a summer afternoon, but if you put me in the ballpark you wouldn’t be able to get me to leave before that last out is made.

The angles are better, you don’t have to pay for parking, and it’s much more comfortable, all of these things are true. But there is nothing better than going to the ball game, especially as a kid. Let’s not forget that.


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