Top 10 Disney Animated Movies

Walt Disney Animation Studios… where do we even begin? You have to go all the way back to the 1930s to get to the origins of this studio, when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs hit the silver screen for the first time. Since that point, a myriad of amazingly beautiful films have emerged from this animation group.

So, today we will share with you our top movies from Walt Disney Animation Studios. This obviously excludes live action Disney films, as well as Pixar movies, as they are from a separate studio. These lists simply reflect our respective OPINIONS. We are not trying to rate the animation or the impact the movie had, we just want to share with you the films we enjoyed the most.

Bryson’s List
Honorablee Mentions: Wreck-it Ralph, Winnie the Pooh, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Princess and the Frog
10. The Emperor’s New Groove
9. Frozen
 – Yeah, I’m sure you are tired of all of the young women in your life that sing these songs incessantly, but that doesn’t mean this film was absolutely magical the first time you watched it. Admit it, when Elsa is singing ‘Let it Go’ we were all actively cheering for her in the theater.
8. Tarzan
7. Big Hero 6
6. Mulan
5. Hercules
4. Lilo & Stitch
3. Aladdin
 – You can’t say enough about the performance of one Robin Williams in this feature. He brings such an amazing performance, with lines that were ad libbed for the most part. The Genie is one of the greatest movie characters of all time, animated or not, and single handedly propels this movie into the top of my list.
2. The Jungle Book
 – One character making a movie memorable for me is definitely a theme on this list, because it’s happening again here with Baloo.
1. The Lion King

Hayden’s List
Honorable Mentions: Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Sword in the Stone, Frozen
It was really hard to narrow it down to just ten movies… a lot harder than I expected, at least. How could I make a list of my favorite Disney flicks and leave off the likes of Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Frozen? I’m not sure I’m entirely settled on what I have here, but I guess arguing and debating are the reasons why we put lists like this together.
10. Oliver and Company
9. Tangled
8. Jungle Book
7. Zootopia
6. Robin Hood
5. Lion King
4. Hercules
 – Looking over my list, there’s obviously one aspect of a movie  I value most: Humor. Especially when I look at my top four, I can tell that strong comedic performances were vital for my viewing pleasure.
3. The Emperor’s New Groove
The Emperor’s New Groove was carried by the synergy between David Spade and John Goodman. The back-and-forth of their characters, Kuzco and Pacha, made them one of Disney’s most entertaining duos. It was also fun to see how their personalities began to influence each other as the story progressed; Kuzco learning the value you of compassion and friendship, and Pacha figuring out how to “push back” without compromising his moral values. And finally, there cannot be enough said about Kronk and his shoulder angel and devil. “No, no. He’s got a point.”
2. Aladdin
 – Much like Bryson said, Robin Williams’ performance as the Genie in Aladdin will go down in history as one of the greatest, most iconic animated performances of all-time. This movie had great performances from the entire cast and a strong script, but that was all blown away by Williams’ Genie. He pushed this film from “great Disney Animated movie,” to arguably the best Disney movie ever. As I re-watch this movie years later with my daughter, I cannot help but to imagine how much fun the cast probably had as they juggled trying to keep up with Williams, while simultaneously witnessing greatness in action.
1. Wreck-it Ralph
Obviously, this is my most unorthodox pick. I’m probably one of the only people in the world that think Wreck-it Ralph is one of the best Disney Animated movies, and definitely the only person who thinks it is absolutely the best. But I’m okay with that because Wreck-it Ralph isn’t just one of my favorite Disney movies, it is in my top ten of any movie genre. Not only did the star-studded cast (John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Alan Tudyk, etc.) deliver great performances, but the cameos from iconic video game characters were almost too good to be true. The meshing of Disney and gaming was a breath of fresh air for me. To be completely honest, I will go as far to say this cross-genre endeavour influenced the creation of this website. Wreck-it Ralph is not only a hilarious movie, but it is one of the best culminations of pop culture I have ever seen.

Bryson’s List
Hayden’s List
1. The Lion King 1. Wreck-it Ralph
2. The Jungle Book 2. Aladdin
3. Aladdin 3. The Emperor’s New Groove
4. Lilo & Stitch 4. Hercules
5. Hercules 5. Lion King
6. Mulan 6. Robin Hood
7. Big Hero 6 7. Zootopia
8. Tarzan 8. The Jungle Book
9. Frozen 9. Tangled
10. The Emperor’s New Groove 10. Oliver and Company
Honorable Mentions: Wreck-it Ralph, Winnie the Pooh, Tangled, Princess and the Frog Honorable Mentions: Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Sword in the Stone, Frozen

Where did we go wrong? Let us know in the comments below!


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