The First of Many: 7-11-2016 Podcast Released

The Phenoms are proud to have released the first official Culture Phenoms Podcast!

In this episode, Bryson and Hayden discuss the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, as well as NBA Free Agency and Tim Duncan’s retirement. They wrap up the show talking about what they’ve been watching, reading, and playing.

Listen to the podcast now by following this link or visiting our podcasts page. The podcasts will be available for download on iTunes within the next few weeks.


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  1. Jmod says:

    Just wanted to give a thanks. I applied on fansided later that day and got accepted today.


    1. Right on, bro! Congratulations! Let me know when you start publishing articles!


  2. Jmod says:

    Sure thing. & a quick question. I was reviewing your resumé and I see you periodically wrote for Bleacher Report. Just curious as to how I’d go about doing that for myself. Thanks


    1. So I got into B/R before they were purchased by Turner Sports. They used to have an ad right on the homepage that said, “We need talented writers.” Now, I believe they have a writers program that you go through. I gained a lot of valuable experience and enjoyed having an outlet to publish my thoughts to thousands of people, but I grew tired of being asked to publish “click bait” articles and rank the “hottest WAGs” or this sport or that sport. I’d check out this link below and see what they have available.


      1. Jmod says:

        Jeez, see I’m only 20 and still in school so i missed out on that a few years ago. Thanks anyway, I’ll look into the program.

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        1. You should definitely check it out. Also look at Fansided while you’re at it…they’re similar to B/R but run by Sports Illustrated. I was a sophomore in college when I started at B/R; you could totally do it.


  3. Reblogged this on Hayden Coombs and commented:

    My first podcast on my pop culture website. Check it out and let me know what you think!


  4. Jmod says:

    been looking to start a podcast. good idea

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    1. You should join us sometime! Always good to get fresh ideas and perspectives.

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