Josh’s Top 10 Video Games

I turned 25 a week ago and that has caused a bit of reflection in my life.

One of those reflections included taking a look at my top 10 video game of all time. My fellow phenoms published their own personal versions of this list and I thought it might be time for me to throw my hat into the ring with my personal list.

Let me specify that this list is my own personal list, meaning the factors that went into constructing this list are all related to my personal preference. One characteristic you will notice on this list is that most of these games are Nintendo games.

One last note: Since Bryson’s list is at 22 and Hayden’s list is at 27, my list comes in almost right in the middle to help fill out that spectrum. Without further ado, here is my list.


10: Halo 2

halo2 xbox wallpaper red-564268.jpeg

I’ll be honest right up front on this one, I have played a scarce amount of single player on this game. However, the multiplayer alone is why I put this game at No. 10. I can recall many hours over at friends’ houses playing this incarnation of the Halo franchise. Sure this game did not do well in the ratings but it did well in my heart and I will always have fond memories playing this one.
9: Animal Crossing


I currently am playing the new version of this franchise, Animal Crossing New Leaf, but there is something about the original that just gets me everytime. I will never forget that first moment I played this game. It just awakened a sense of freedom in me as I started my virtual life away from home. Also, this game satisfied the collection purist in me as I had opportunities to collect fish, bugs and fossils, trying to complete each set.
8: Super Mario Sunshine


Now I know what you are thinking, “but Josh, out of all the Mario games, you pick this one?” Yes, yes I did. Video games are about more than the content and while this one may not live up to some other 3D Mario adventures, it did help me through a big part of my life. I remember playing this a lot during my adjustment time after moving from California to Utah. There was a lot that wasn’t familiar to me but Isle Delfino was and I found comfort in that. Plus I love the concept of using a water jetpack. It sure made for some fun platforming.
7: Mario Kart 8


There is one word that comes to mind when I play this game: Beautiful. The graphics are some of the greatest Nintendo has to offer. Their attention to detail is fantastic. Furthermore, track design is exquisite, gameplay is smooth, online play is a blast albeit enfuriating at the same time. This game is by no stretch of the imagination easy. Computers are tough, items are unfair but its right amount of challenge keeps me coming back for more.
6: Paper Mario


Another perceived random entry on this list but then again, it’s my list. Another classic from my childhood. The toonish design of this game has made it stand the test of time. Having it also be a turn-based RPG version of Mario makes it even more strategic and fun in my eyes. It was also one of the first Mario games I came close to beating, signifying to me that I had arrived. I return to this game oftem, especially since Nintendo has released it on the E Shop.
5: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



Anyone who knows me knows my favorite Nintendo franchise is The Legend of Zelda. Though I didn’t join the party until much latter in my life, I have found so much fun in these games. Upon returning home from a Mormon mission, I decided to give Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time a go. After beating OoT, I decided to focus on Twilight Princess and loved all the callbacks to OoT. I’d visit the same areas, even though they were different. It made me interested, for the first time, in how each of these games were connected. Twilight Princess is also probably the most cinematic version of the franchise but man do I love it. Recently, my wife bought me the HD remake, making me stoked to revisit this dark adventure.
4: Super Smash Bros. Melee


Hands down, my favorite version of this game. It may not have the cast that Brawl or the new Smash Bros. does but that doesn’t make it any less fun. I can remember fondly duking it out with friends, both in California and Utah, with my favorites (Capt. Falcon and Roy). I loved the story mode, I loved the characters and the courses were fantastic. Some we have yet to see again such as Brinstar Depths and Poke Floats. I was so into this game that I even wrote to Nintendo Power  because I had heard you could unlock Sonic and Tails if you beat 10 on Cruel Melee. I learned this to be false, though the rumor may have been started since Sonic was one his way in Brawl.
3: Pokémon Gold and Silver

gold and silver

Nothing will beat the late nights I had with a good friend in California where we would stay up late at sleepovers and play these games. I would have Gold Version and he Silver. We would trade but most importantly, we would battle. On my own, I loved the moment when I surfed east of New Bark Town and set foot into the Kanto region. I loved that, that man had to tell me what I did and I was overjoyed at what was to come. It’s so cool to see that not only your Pokemon could evolve but an entire region did. Blue takes over Viridian Gym, Silph Co. has higher security and that dang Machoke is STILL flattening the land for that building in Vermillion City. Hands down the greatest moment was when you faced Red atop Mt. Silver. Those were days that were not soon forgotten.
2: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


That’s right, two Legend of Zelda games on this list. While I can easily make a list of my top LoZ games, I will have to settle for talking about this one. Many years ago, I started playing Ocarina of Time on the N64. I loved it then, but then I reached a point that I could not get past: the Water Temple. I never owned this game so I gave up. Several years went by and I didn’t touch the game until 2012. Returning to it was so much fun but it almost felt like the entire game had changed. I was able to beat the game but I loved the paradox it had to my life. Like Link, I spent several years away from the world of Hyrule. Upon returning, it felt as if, like Link, I grew up and understood the world of Hyrule differently. The characters were the same, the map was the same but I was viewing it through older eyes. Call it cheesy, because it probably is, but a game that is relatable is a game that is lasting to me.
1: Metroid Prime


Playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, there was always one character that was intriguing to me: Samus Aran. I missed the SNES days of Super Metroid, so the only games I knew her from were in the Smash Bros. franchise. Then Nintendo released Metroid Prime. Everything I knew about Samus Aran changed. Instead of it being a typical side-scrolling game, Nintendo opted for a first-person view. This feature sucked me into the world of Tallon IV. With some of the best music Nintendo has to offer, Metroid Prime has such a unique setting. Tallon IV is mysterious, eerie and in solitud. No other game has ever made me feel this involved in the setting. I will never forget it. I listen to the music often and I revisit the game often as well. This game was also challenging and required strategy as well as a quick trigger finger. I am currently working through the other Metroid Prime games (Echos and Corruption) but nothing will ever come close to this one.

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